Our Wedding

Well hello there lovelies! Here's the story- I was never the girl to sit and dream of the picket fence, 1.8 children, and my happily ever after... that is, until I met my Prince Charming. Jace asked me to marry him on 12/20/10, and we will be married on 7/14/12. This long of an engagement has allowed me to have time to dream, craft, conceptualize, and tear my hair out trying to find out how to do it all. So, I decided to do what any rational girl would do in my situation- blog about it, so no one else has to spend hours figuring out how to make a fabric flower, or hot glue gun a lace project.

Cake Love

Our Official Wedding Website

Jace and Cassandra Engagements at Star Mill

Custom Wedding Crests- You Seriously Need One.

Wedding Invitations

Skeleton Key Crafty-goodness!

Programs/ I just became mayor of your wedding....