About Me

There's a few things you need to know about me... 

 I'm engaged MARRIED! We were married this past summer on 7/14/12. 
I'm a first time home buyer.
I am a California transplant in beautiful Utah. I purchased my first home in the fall of 2010, and have been busy ever since. I have a full time job that keeps me extremely busy outside the home, and a baby on the way, so this blog has morphed into a "how to get it done healthy, cheap, and quick", with a little bit of "wouldn't it be nice if I could rip up the kitchen this weekend?" (Don't get me wrong, my husband still hides the sledgehammer for just that reason!)
 I live by the Rosie the Riveter meets Martha Stewart approach to life, which is not a Pinterest dream: Try your best to do it yourself and either end up with a finished project for cheap, or at least learn how and where you went wrong. 
My Zen weekend involves gardening, a yoga class, cooking healthy meals, and hitting up the Habitat for Humanity's ReStore for home remodel finds. 
Although many of my ideas may not always work, I have an adventurous spirit, and my motto to life is to go for it. Don't dream it, DO it :)


Thank you for visiting and supporting me!