Monday, March 31, 2014

Sunday Supper: Honey walnut chicken

This weeks Sunday supper comes from one of my favorite cookbooks: The Junior League of Salt Lake City's "Salt to Honey" ( I had the pleasure of helping sample, cook, and edit through the tons and tons of recipes in the creation of the book. There are so many great recipes, but this one in particular, is one of my favs. Since it isn't my recipe, I won't be sharing it here. However, I will note a few changes I make: I use chicken thighs instead of chicken breasts, double the amount of green onions,  and add an additional 2 tbsp of soy sauce.  
If you don't have the cookbook, I recommend picking it up. You won't be disappointed! :) This recipe is the perfect combination of sweet and savory, and the honey glazed walnuts are out of this world. It's 100 times better than what you'd pick up at Panda Express, I promise! 

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