Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Upstairs Living Room, Before and After...

Above you will see how this room was decorated with the previous owner.. My primary influence in redesigning this room was to provide a sense of serenity from the moment you enter my home. The design construction layout is split level, so this room is the first real image you have of the house. 

The red wall made me have nightmares.. similar to the scene from the Shining, when the little boy says REDRUM over and over... I found myself rocking in a corner saying RED WALL over and over. 

Here's Jace completing the most challenging part of painting.. taping off edges. 
And for the life of me, can't get this pic to rotate!

And here is the finished product. 3 coats of Behr premium paint later..... I chose the seafoam green, black, white, and taupe damask, as I love the colors palate blended together. When the tea lights are lit, this room feels cozy, warm, and welcoming. It's the quaint sitting room I had imagined! 

Before & After:

Next up.... The white tiled entry way.. (Who puts white tile in an entry way? Seriously! It snows here and I have a dog...)

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