Thursday, October 27, 2011

Our Engagements and the "Kitchen facelift" project

I've been frantically knocking projects off the to-do list, as though I am being chased by a tornado. This is half accurate, as the weather will soon turn and I won't be able to accomplish much in terms of reno. With Jace and I's wedding coming up in 9 months, we simply don't have the option to redo our kitchen the way I would really like it. I envision a complete demo and rebuild. This is financially about 5 years out for us right now, so I HAD to do something to the kitchen to make it work. (Side note: I cook between 10-20 meals a week in my kitchen, and am most certainly one of "those" people, where I feel the kitchen should be the focal point of the upstairs. In our forever home, I would love a large open concept kitchen with an island that has bookshelves on the side, power, and a small sink... THAT project is probably 10 years out, haha!)
Since work has been quite busy as of late, I have been staining a few kitchen doors at a time. I will take photos next week, and can't wait to share the redo. It isn't a full renovation, but what I'm calling a "kitchen facelift". Just what the cabinets needed before heading into the busy cooking season of Utah winter, holidays, and many nights gathered talking around the kitchen with a glass of wine and great friends.

Until then, I wanted to share the great photos our wedding photographer took for Jace and I for our engagements. We had such fun taking them! Sometimes I'm not sure how I got to be so lucky.. to be marrying my prince charming, and have an absolutely blessed life. Also, I turned 30 yesterday, and am excited to be starting this new chapter of my life. :)

-Cheers!     xoxo- Cassandra