Friday, June 17, 2011

*Press Pause* Insert Side project...

Well, the pine trim replacement is underway, and my driveway/front yard looks like a construction zone. Not exactly the look I was going for, but a necessary sacrifice for the ultimate goal of having our exterior finished. We have two major projects still looming (and have solicited the help of professionals) :  replacing our rotted wood trim around the entire exterior with new pine trim, and installing new gutters around the perimeter. Jace has primed and painted the wood, and it should be ready to go next week. I have a dumpster arriving today for us to discard all the foliage/xmas trees/lawn clippings/dead pine trees/leaves/pine cones/misc crap from the backyard, old trim, and old remnants of what once appeared to be gutters. Thank you previous homeowners for so carefully preserving 6 years worth of Christmas trees and junk in the west end side of the house. Needless to say, I am deeply looking forward to the cathartic process of eliminating every shred of our previous homeowners laziness/ineptitude, and starting fresh in our backyard. 

"After I finish with the dumpster, what is there for me to do?!"

I'm dying to start another project....(pause for about 4 seconds before coming up with a list of 700 other projects I could start.....)

As luck would have it, we purchased a great new gas grill this past weekend and could use a grill prep station for our tools and spices. I could also seriously use a potting table for my vegetable garden. So, here is the project I will be tackling once my new love arrives next week  

                                             My Semi-DIY Custom Prep Station/ Potting Table:

I ordered this beauty from and here are my plans:

Paint with Martha Stewart exterior satin latex paint in Feldspar (color seen below), and brush off the edges for a shabby/rustic look.

Add a bunch of functional accessories:
-S-hooks to hold grilling utensils
-2 small wire racks to hold small items on one side of the cage and hold cleaning items on the other
-An attachable aluminum foil rack for the side
-A large galvanized steel garbage can for underneath.
-A cutting board
-A wash bin for sticky plates and utensils.
-A small rack to attach underneath the table deck for cloth towels.

I was originally inspired by the article in this month's Martha Stewart Living {found here:Grill station inspiration}. I loved the aesthetic appeal of the original bench she used, but was looking for something with a more rustic appearance, as though it was something I salvaged and brought back to life. This is why I am in love with the potting table I purchased. This will also be a great place for me to store my other side project in a wood crate (see below) when it is raining or not in use. I also wanted something more sturdy, and although the original option of folding the table up was appealing, I was more interested in carving out some dirt, laying stone on the ground, and creating a permanent fixture in my backyard.  I am so excited to get started on this mini project, and am eagerly tracking the arrival of my table.

DIY Jar Lanterns:
I subscribe to every home decor catalog I can get my hands on. (I always recycle them when I'm done)- And here's why-- Often I find the best inspiration and can complete many of the ideas on my own at a fraction of a cost. I was flipping through Pottery Barn the other day, and found these cute little glass canning jar lanterns. They wanted $7 a piece for them, without sand or candles. Not bad, if I needed one or two. But I envisioned lining my entire deck with them. So, craftiness out of necessity strikes again! A few ball canning jars and some craft wire... a few tries with the wire cutter.. a few swear words...and, voila! Beautiful lanterns that now hang on posts lining my lower deck outside. I also added citronella candles to keep the bugs at bay this summer.

While I was busy cutting and twisting wire, Chloe was "helping":

I can't wait to reveal the photos of our completed exterior (hopefully in the next 2 weeks)

Jace and I were waxing philosophical about our home the other day, and realized the enormity of what we have already accomplished. I am so proud of the efforts we have put in, and to put it in Jace's words.....

                                                              "I think our house loves us"

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