Saturday, April 6, 2013

Nursery Update #2

Ever have one of those days where you think to yourself, "If I have to go to Home Depot ONE more time today, I'm going to have a break from reality"? Have you ever told the people at Home Depot (who know you by name and face), "If you see me here again today, just shoot me."?
That would be me today.
My morning started off fine enough, with a lovely return of third trimester morning sickness, then a trip to grab quick breakfast for the hubby and I, and a trip to Home Depot to grab more landscaping fabric (a whole other project- which I'll blog about tomorrow!). Last week, I picked up some picture hanging kits for the photo frames we'll be hanging in the nursery. Seeing as it is my husband and I's mission in life to get this nursery 100% complete by the end of this weekend, I figured we were all set.... Until I tried to put them on the actual frames this morning, ended up breaking the glass on one of the frames, and told myself "I'm not going back to that store today. No way, no how. I've got to find something around the house to make these puppies hang on the wall!".

So- I used pop can tabs and hot glue. I'm hoping they stick. Either way, I'm super excited that I did not have to go back to that dreadful store today. The picture below is my project. I used the table number seating frames from my wedding (which I picked up cheap, and spray painted then sanded to make them look shabby), with prints I found online and printed on card stock. Our theme is Beatrix Potter/ Hunca Munca/ Peter Rabbit, and I'm so excited to get the entire thing done to show it off. I also finally finished my ruffled curtain project, and am eager to get them hung and pressed.

But, for now, with a rock landscaping project going on in my backyard, Jace ripping apart the nursery, and me breaking glass/needing to pull weeds in the front yard and get some gardening done.. I'm in desperate need of some OM and am off to prenatal yoga. 31 weeks today!